I Live For These Moments

I tend to listen to Classical music and Swing when writing during the day. My oldest son, who has passed through during the night and heard what I listen to then, recently asked me why I listen to these kinds of music and not the other. I simply told him that it reminds me of a time when writers had fewer distractions while they worked.

So he asks me what that means, to which I reply;

“Well you see; when I listen to this music, I go to a nice quiet place where there are no televisions, no computers, no radios and no screaming little people.”

His eyes get wider and wider as I tell him this and he answers, awestruck;

“Whoa! Can you take me there sometime?”

Me: “Aww, sure buddy. Get me that book over there, and I’ll take you to a place just like it.”

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