She Has A Pretty Face Though

Meet Scott Vali, a troubled teen who is about to graduate.  He is the literal red-headed step child; unwelcome in home, school and in most other areas of his small little world, he has had to find other ways to deal with what troubles him.  However, the problem lies not in what he does, but what comes to life because of how he does it.

Scott is a young man who has never had it easy.  He has never had friends; not by his own choosing, but because most are afraid to be around him.  When he isn’t ‘off in some other world’ as some occasionally point out to him, he is the constant target of bullies, in school and at home.

What happens, then, when he falls victim to a cruel prank perpetuated by those who take pleasure in seeing him suffer?

Come and read these short peeks into the life of Scott Vali, and follow him down into the rabbit hole.

vali: (noun) ‘va-lee’ : god of revenge

Note to Reader: A disclaimer IS posted at the beginning of every post.  This is for the benefit of those who shouldn’t be, or don’t want to be, reading the material there-in.

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