She Has A Pretty Face Though (Part VII.2)


This is post is one of many in a several part webseries.  While each part varies, this story, overall, will contain the following; Strong Language, Sexual Content, Graphic and Violent descriptions and it may not be suitable for a younger audience.

It does not reflect the views or opinions of the author and is purely a work of fiction.  All names and locations are drawn directly from the author’s imagination.  No animals were ever hurt in the writing of this webseries.  ;p

If this isn’t your cup of tea but you enjoy my other writings, please visit back time to time and let me know!  I’ll be making the occasional post between these mini-chapters as, I think of them.

She continued to sit in the booth long after he had gone, using her straw to idly swirl a small piece of banana around in the bottom of their glass.  He had sat there quietly as she proposed her idea to him, listening raptly with the starstruck attention of a boy in love.  It wasn’t like she hadn’t given him any reason to either.  After Tommy and B.J.’d had their way with him, she had purposefully stepped over him knowing full well what he would see.

It had been wrong of her, she knew that, but it had been so much fun as well.  He had been lying there about to cry, curled up in the fetal position, when her well placed footing instantly replaced his pain with lust.  She had seen it in his eyes and had reveled in the power she held over him.

But it was fleeting, wasn’t it?

She had agreed to meet him here today as part of Tommy’s plan to further humiliate him.  It was absolutely brilliant, but…

She didn’t get the chance to finish her thoughts, however, as her at that moment her cell phone suddenly started ringing.  She looked down at the screen, and seeing her boyfriend’s name on the screen, she swiped ‘Accept Call’ and picked it up.

“Did you do it,” he asked from his end of the connection.

“Yeah, it was as easy as you said it would be…”

She sat quietly as he laughed and explained to someone with him, the answer she had given.  It didn’t take long for her to realize who it was by the sound of his voice, he and Tommy were inseparable.

“Tommy?  I don’t think this is such a good idea,” she interjected when he had finally settled down.

“Wait.  You’re not chickening out, are you?”

“No, it’s just…”

“Just what Misty?  Jesus Christ, we talked about this for hours last night!  It was YOUR idea to set that milky jar of mayonnaise up with that fat cow in the first place!”

“I know, but…”

“But what Misty?  What??”

“I don’t know,” she yelled in response.  “I just got a bad feeling all of the sudden.”

The phone suddenly erupted with the sound of his and B.J.’s laughter and it was several minutes before either calmed down enough to listen to what she had to say.  Unfortunately for them, she was fuming with anger when they did.

“Goddamn it Tommy, will you just shut up a minute and listen?”

“Oh, we better do what she says,” he said mockingly.

There were a few snickers from his end but he seemed to be doing what she asked.

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this Tommy,” she repeated.

“Yeah, you already said that.  What’s that all about, anyway?”

“I don’t know.  We were talking when all of the sudden he asks me if I remembered how we first met.”

“How sweet,” he crooned.

“It’s not like that,” she spat into the phone.

“Then what,” he asked.  The tone of his voice suggested that he was growing irritated with her.

“There was something, dark, in his eyes.  He got all quiet for a few seconds and…and it was like he wasn’t all there anymore.”

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