She Has A Pretty Face Though (Part XXVII)


The following is one of many installments for a story designed specifically for my blog.  While it does step out of my usual genre, there are some things still not suitable for a younger audience.  Violent/Graphic descriptions, strong language and sexual situations may be found through different sections.  Each entry will tell a small portion of the story during different times and may not directly follow the one prior to it.  

This story follows the direct interactions, as well as the deteriorating thoughts of a young man who is struggling not only with the relationships he has with those around him, but with the relationship he has with himself as well.

Finally, all work is strictly fiction and does not reflect the views of the author.  Any resemblance to actual person(s) is only a coincidence.

If this isn’t your cup of tea, then avoid these excerpts and hopefully I’ll see you around my other posts and webseries!


His head throbbed painfully behind the temples, his veins full of blood and pulsing in time with his heart.  It had been hours since the ‘other’ had forced him into the prison of his mind, and he was beginning to tire.  The effort of controlling his body as if it were the puppet to his puppeteer had drained him of not only his physical energy, but his mental as well.

The ‘other’ allowed him to watch the outside through his own eyes, much like it must have done during its tenure in his mind, which is how he now knew he was at Lucy’s house.  From somewhere far beneath him, there was a deep rumbling as his vocal cords were being utilized to speak.  From the nether in which he floated, it felt as if the very cosmos was in the midst of the most hellacious storm he had ever known.  The baritone waves, which would be formed into words once they reached his mouth, pummeled him with all the ferocity of the ocean’s fury at high tide.

If he’d had a physical form, his breath would have hitched with each tremendous sob that escaped him.  His face would have dampened from the tears that leaked out of the corners of his eyes and each sound that he’d made would have sent him spiraling further into the overwhelming sadness now coursing through him.  It pinched his soul within its vice-like fingers, crushing more and more of his breath from his lungs with each passing minute.

Twin beams of light poured through the portals of his eyes, chasing away the nightmarish images that his exhausted mind threw at him and pinned him against the shadowy void.  It had been hours since he’d left the library, but from where the other now held him captive, it felt as if days had already passed.  

How could this have happened?  Was he possessed?  The other had whispered to him for weeks, fueling his emotions and enhancing his dreams.  It had promised him of its apathy, when he wondered if it would try to control him, and assured him that it did not want anything more than what it had already taken from him.

And yet, just several hours (days?) ago, he had been forced through the bottleneck of his consciousness and into the vast nothing beyond, where the vibrations from his vocal cords threatened to shake him apart with every word and the most horrific of nightmares skirted just beyond his range of vision.

“Are you listening to me?!”

Lucy’s voice originated from somewhere beyond the portals before him, out of the limited range of sight that the other afforded him, making it difficult for him to pinpoint.

“…yes,” came the answer, one which he didn’t speak.

“Dammit Scott, what am I going to do with you?  I asked you over five minutes ago to get me a drink!”

“Why don’t you get off your ass and get it yourself,” came the booming retort.

He cringed inwardly at the enraged screech that followed, and suddenly her face rose into his line of sight.  Her cheeks were red, covered in perspiration and the results of her efforts, and her eyes flared with rage.

“Scott Vali, how DARE talk to me like that?!  And, after what I just did for you!”

Her meaty fist flew through the air, and before he could regain any amount of control over his limbs, it connected with the right side of his cheek.  His head snapped to the left as it followed the course of her attack, and his eyes began to water.  It didn’t take long for the images on the other side of the portals to waver, but just as quickly, her hands were on either side of his face as she frantically began to apologize.

“I’m going to take reeeal good care of her for that one, Scotty.  You may have just beamed one up, but I’m going to set the phasers to fun, baby, oh yeah!”

“You son of a bitch, I’ll…”

“…you’ll what?  Word me to death?”

The sound of the other’s laughter reverberated off the walls of his mind.  They were chased soon after by screams of anguish which bellowed from the depths of a fractured soul which was was not only near empty, but had begun to drift from its tether.

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