Inspiration, Like a River…

…courses through my veins.  Even in the dead of night, within the coldest of Winter’s embrace, I still find myself dreaming of other worlds.  I awaken, sometimes restless, agitated, as if I know I should be doing anything but lazing beneath cover of sleep.  Voices whisper from the recesses of my imagination, telling me of things I should already know, pushing me to create timeless records of their words, worlds, that they may live eternally in the vast white void that is Word..

I’m helpless to their call, drawn by the power they hold over me, to the power I hold because of them.  I must confess; it’s maddening.  I’m often spiraling out of control, a hopeless, weak, romantic to the idea of being their god.  For are we not, gods?  Writers, creators of worlds, of countless lives, races, creatures, and the rules by which they live?  How far are we, truly, from what it means to bear such their title?

And, for that matter, what if we are the characters of someone else’s story?  Would we know?  Should we care?  Even if the story was once scripted, do we not hold the power to change the next the direction of each chapter?  Even if it’s just the tiniest bit, it’s more than what is given to those whose story WE write.

Or, is it?  I no longer know.  I’m writing of worlds that live within my mind, deep inside of my dreams, of lives that seemingly exist without any of my input.  Alternate realities?  Personalities?  They do not control me, with the exception of pushing me to pen and key.  The only harm they cause to me is through the loss of time, time which is stolen from me as I am driven to tell their tales.

The question remains; are they in control, or am I?  Does it matter?  If we are able to control the direction of our stories, is it not plausible that they exist because they force me to tell theirs?

I often think of the stories I record as those that have already happened, as if they are in the past.  That, perhaps, they may have once been in sync with our OWN time, at the moment I first thought of them, but as my life continued to put them on hold, they continued from the point I last left them.  It’s through this line of reasoning which I have convinced myself of how I know where the story will go, from the very beginning, to the final end.

So then, it exists.  Or, rather, it existed, and those who are the focus of the story demand me to share it through my loved labors of words, and their structures, in the best way I am able.

Sometimes I am away from them for too long.   Life has a funny way of demanding one’s attention, doesn’t it?  And, if I’m not careful, I may find myself forgetting some of the details.  Maybe I forgot to take notes about where I last wrote, or perhaps I have spent more time working on another’s story, and the lines have become blurred.

In these instances, it takes a little longer to return to them, to their stories, and I often find myself stuck, glued in to sticky mire that is often mistaken as an impassible block.  However, like anything that has become trapped in the depths, the trick is knowing that there is always a way out.  One must search, one must use a little ingenuity, and with perseverance, freedom is but a few words away.

I find myself inspired, but not by my life around me.  I am drawn into the the stories within me.

Even now they are calling my name, whispering fervently for my attention, a plea I shall no longer ignore.

I can feel them clawing at my consciousness.

The desire to let them in, to write, is…



From the Success of Thomas Hardy; Horror Films and Best Picture in the Oscars?

Horror Films and Best Picture in the Oscars


I think; The reason for this is that here we have an original story, based on the novel concept by Thomas Harris. Most movies today are original projects that do not have an established fan base. Furthermore, they entertain the whims of the producers/writers, in that rather than focusing on the psychological aspect of the story, they’d rather shove nudity and gore down our throats.

While there is a time and place in a horror story for either of these aspects, they should not be the focus of the story. For example, I enjoy the Friday the 13th series immensely. If you’ve watched any single one of these movies, you know that the show is going to be 35% (sex/nudity), 55% (gore/dismemberment), and 10% dialog that’s so poorly written, it’s comical.

There’ll never be a Jason Voorhees movie to hold an Oscar, for any category. I’m sorry folks, that’s just how it is.

In order for there to be another horror movie in this category, I believe it’s going to need to replicate the success of Thomas Hardy’s hard work. It’s going to take the hard work of a “Book” author to reach this level as well!

Correct me if I’m wrong here, but from my experience, Novelists stand a better chance at creating something magnificent, than, say, a screenwriter in this genre.
Notice the last part of that sentence there? I don’t want to discriminate screenwriters in general, I just believe that in order for a horror story to succeed, it’s going to again take the efforts of the novelist.

A novelist is going to have more time to work on the story. Whether he or she is an indie, or is working directly with a publisher, there is going to be much more time to create something that is powerful, something that can be easily refined. With a screenwriter, the script needs to be pumped out as fast as possible. It doesn’t take as many pages to create a believable movie, but only because it’s a collaborative effort between the screenwriters, the producers, the directors, etc. All come together to create a believable vision, and if one fails, they all fail. What one envisions, the other may not.

Take the movie adaptation of ‘The Shining’ for example. While we love, love, LOVE, this movie, any true horror fan knows that it’s a bastardization of the original story.

Does this mean it’s not a success? Mhm, I would think that at the time…no. But now, it’s a cult classic.

“Here’s Jooohny!”

However, and before I wander too far from my thoughts, I want to hit home on what I’m trying to validate here. There are hundreds of horror movies made each year. They are pushed through the meat grinder with reckless abandon, and while some are much better than others, they fall way too short of where they need to be.

Hollywood is looking in the wrong direction for a new story. You know, as well as I do, that it has grown lazy in its efforts to please the masses. I mean, let’s face it.  It’s as simple as them finding the highest ratings and surfing off of the success of its origin.

I’m talking remakes here.

Remakes, reboots, whatever you want to call them, we need to get the fuck away from it. Moderation, people!  Seriously!

I love the superhero thing that’s going on, simply because it’s something we haven’t seen on film. Over-saturation can become a problem, if it hasn’t already, but at least it’s something new!  But, and here’s what I’m shooting for, at least it’s pulling from canon Marvel/DC Universe history and creating something for us to enjoy!

The Walking Dead?  Also pulled from canon writing!

Okay, okay.  So I’m talking comic books, but damn it, they’re books that have already been established!

I would rather watch a movie created by a Fan (or creator) of an established body of work, than to expect greatness from a group of fellas shooting a movie with corn syrup and red dye, while chasing the ‘actors’ with a cell phone.  Talk about a genre that needs to go away!

Yeah, screw you Daniel Myrick.  Thanks for nothing, while we’re at it!

If we want a horror movie in the Oscars once again, or at least a movie that crosses the genre divide (such as the movie of this article), we need Hollywood to keep pushing outward.  They need to look to the novelist of the day, week, month, or hell, even the year! Reach out and connect to us, Hollyweird!  Let us remind you how to work towards creating a fan base, rather than a quick buck.

I’m willing to bet that more than a few of us could even put gold in your future?


Now there’s a thought.


Oh Gawd, He’s Thinking Again!

I have a lot on my mind today. Mostly about what’s in store for the many characters I have in play at the moment, from my webseries to my books, but there are some other things floating around up there as well.

A month ago today, I teased an announcement to an idea I had concocted while recovering from illness. Now, I had thought to release that info no later than the next day, but I ended up letting it go in the excitement of the starting work at a new location. (If you’ve ever worked retail during setup, especially in a grocery setting, then you’ll know the stress that also comes during that initial stage!)

Here’s what I was thinking;

Those closest to me know my passion for writing. It’s something that consumes my every free thought, and it’s something I want to do as a career. But for an indie author, at what price? While I have had some success with my first two books, sales only increase, (or remain steady) if I am on top of my game. Marketing, social media, blog writing and interaction, book signings, and more are needed in order to even do either of these things! However, as any author worth their ink knows, sales eventually dip as readers wait for the next book. At least, I’d like to think they are waiting, and haven’t moved on to another author, though such is often the case, right?

So what do I do that will help me continue to advance in my field, something that will not only benefit me, but others like me as well?

What if I offered services as a beta reader? What if a reviewer, or writing consultant?

Let me explain;

If this is something that someone would want or need, first of all, I would consider investing into it. In order for this to work for me, I would have to offer a nominal fee. As an indie author, I know more than most how tight a budget can be! At the beginning, I would be available to authors of genres I am comfortable with, but this doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be open to those I am not. I very recently reviewed a very interesting non-fiction book by Tad Pritchett, a collection of interviews from survivors of the Battle of the Bulge.

Should this interest you, please leave a comment to this post and I will do my best to answer each one of them. You can also shoot me an email at, though the turnaround could be a bit longer due to time availability.

Writing is a passion of mine. When I am not working on the computer, I’m busy filling the many college ruled pages I have available to me. Or, when those have run dry, the napkins, used homework pages my kids leave lying around, and any other bit of paper I can get my hands on.

I’m finishing two books this year, two webseries, and starting one of five planned books in a fantasy series. The characters I have in my head are screaming to be let out. No, that’s not right. They’re clawing their way out, tooth and nail. My imagination is literally bleeding stories needing to be told!

This idea I have proposed, it serves not only to better my peers and those aspiring to join us, but it also brings me closer to this passion. Combined with my own work, it’s the perfect marriage of skills designed to further this crazy dream of mine.

Of course, this idea of mine may go unnoticed. It may flounder on the sand, where it will bake into obscurity and become one with the multiverse once more. But this doesn’t take away from what I have already established, nor does it diminish the light over the road I have chosen.

Tell me then; “What are your thoughts?”

Would this be something that interests you, aspiring or established writer?

I look forward to hearing from you!


P.S. If you aren’t interested, but think you might know someone who would be, feel free to share this post with them! Thanks again!