Is It Just Me?

I’m working on my next book and it’s been so long since my last one that I have to go back and review.

Not by choice, of course.  If I could, I would write for ten to fourteen hours each day instead of driving.  Unfortunately, the latter pays better.  Even more unfortunate, It only allows for less than a handful of hours per week of ‘me’ time.  Finally, at the bottom of the unfortunate well, is me reading my last book for consistency issues.  I know what I want to do, I just can’t remember how I got here.


I had to ask myself, “Has it been so long since I got here?”

The answer is “Yes, yes it has.”

I published The Hunter Reborn in 2013.  And while it doesn’t feel like it was that long ago, I still have the need to return and refresh.  My protagonist is always at the top of my thoughts.  His adventures, past and current, dominate my creative process, so much, that I have little time to pursue any of my smaller writing projects.  Yet, I find myself struggling to remember some of the details.

OF course I don’t expect to remember them all, I’m just disappointed at my lack of idyllic memory.

So I ask again, “Is it just me,” or do you also have to return, and refresh?  Whether writing the next book in a series, or just for the sake of it?

My Friend, My Love, My Creation

Most times, new characters are born rather beautifully. They come with rich back-stories and have a deep family history. They speak to me for hours about who they are, where they live, what they do for a living, etc. Other times, they burst forth kicking and screaming.

They’re wearing straight-jackets and slamming themselves madly against my psyche. They’re roughly cut from raw emotion, they know very little about who they are, where they came from, or who their families are. The only thing they know is their desire to have the same chance at life as the aforementioned.

While I do so enjoy the company of my more ‘fleshed’ out characters, mainly because they are familiar to me, like family or good friends, I find myself oddly drawn to these new beings. They want the same things that we all have, that which has come so easily to their cousins; a life of their own.  They are like children, in a way.  They don’t know what’s behind them, nor do they have a clue what’s ahead of them.  They must learn, through my guidance, of course, what they like or do not like.

Sometimes I can control the process. Sometimes, I can even help form them into something appropriate enough to tell a story about. This isn’t always the case, however, and any writer can tell you that it isn’t always going to be a good thing.

You’re not always going to have a ‘good’ character.  Every so often, as I am helping this character come to life, we discover that he or she isn’t so savory a person.  Maybe said character is a villain?  Or maybe, something much, much, worse. I don’t always like telling the story of these characters, but again, as a writer I don’t always have a choice.  They desire a chance at life.  They demand that their story be heard.  And as a storyteller, I am compelled to share.

Perhaps what awaits in the end is poetic?  Or, perhaps not.  It isn’t for me to decide. You see, much like the character types I have described, so too do the stories exist as well. Some lay in wait, ready to pounce my thoughts without a moment’s notice.  Other times, they are a rough gem that needs worked into something you may or may not appreciate.

Just as is the case of the character, some stories may be beautiful designs that inspire you to continue turning the page.  Others might be an atrocious train-wreck that forces you to turn the pages until you reach the end. This isn’t to say that they aren’t very good.

It’s a tricky subject; horror.

What one person may consider good, might be another’s kryptonite.  I may have written the most descriptive decapitation in such a way that you have never seen before, but what may make one jump out of his/her seat in excitement, might have another turning their head in disgust.

Such is life.

By now, I hope that my readers have come to expect a certain style to my writing.  You’ve survived the first two tales of John Rizzerio and are eagerly waiting the finale, or you have been keeping up with my webseries and are looking for the next post to appear.  You know that I don’t always pull the punches.

Some of my characters may seem like somebody you could run into on the street. Others, a friendly neighbor or work acquaintance.  Then there are those, like the protagonists of ‘She Has A Pretty Face Though’, and ‘The Box’, who each have their own issues to resolve. In the end, was their story worth it?  Was it poetic, or did you enjoy following their journey?

Of course, you’ll have your own opinions that I would LOVE to hear!  But, in the end, I will still continue to tell the stories as they demand to be told, in their own entireties.  While I depend upon you, my faithful readers, to help guide me down the path of your interests, I hope that you continue to stick with me as I share with you my creations.  They are a labor of love, a part of myself in much the same way that my children are, and it gives me great pleasure to be able to introduce you to them.

They are family, after all.

Oh Gawd, He’s Thinking Again!

I have a lot on my mind today. Mostly about what’s in store for the many characters I have in play at the moment, from my webseries to my books, but there are some other things floating around up there as well.

A month ago today, I teased an announcement to an idea I had concocted while recovering from illness. Now, I had thought to release that info no later than the next day, but I ended up letting it go in the excitement of the starting work at a new location. (If you’ve ever worked retail during setup, especially in a grocery setting, then you’ll know the stress that also comes during that initial stage!)

Here’s what I was thinking;

Those closest to me know my passion for writing. It’s something that consumes my every free thought, and it’s something I want to do as a career. But for an indie author, at what price? While I have had some success with my first two books, sales only increase, (or remain steady) if I am on top of my game. Marketing, social media, blog writing and interaction, book signings, and more are needed in order to even do either of these things! However, as any author worth their ink knows, sales eventually dip as readers wait for the next book. At least, I’d like to think they are waiting, and haven’t moved on to another author, though such is often the case, right?

So what do I do that will help me continue to advance in my field, something that will not only benefit me, but others like me as well?

What if I offered services as a beta reader? What if a reviewer, or writing consultant?

Let me explain;

If this is something that someone would want or need, first of all, I would consider investing into it. In order for this to work for me, I would have to offer a nominal fee. As an indie author, I know more than most how tight a budget can be! At the beginning, I would be available to authors of genres I am comfortable with, but this doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be open to those I am not. I very recently reviewed a very interesting non-fiction book by Tad Pritchett, a collection of interviews from survivors of the Battle of the Bulge.

Should this interest you, please leave a comment to this post and I will do my best to answer each one of them. You can also shoot me an email at, though the turnaround could be a bit longer due to time availability.

Writing is a passion of mine. When I am not working on the computer, I’m busy filling the many college ruled pages I have available to me. Or, when those have run dry, the napkins, used homework pages my kids leave lying around, and any other bit of paper I can get my hands on.

I’m finishing two books this year, two webseries, and starting one of five planned books in a fantasy series. The characters I have in my head are screaming to be let out. No, that’s not right. They’re clawing their way out, tooth and nail. My imagination is literally bleeding stories needing to be told!

This idea I have proposed, it serves not only to better my peers and those aspiring to join us, but it also brings me closer to this passion. Combined with my own work, it’s the perfect marriage of skills designed to further this crazy dream of mine.

Of course, this idea of mine may go unnoticed. It may flounder on the sand, where it will bake into obscurity and become one with the multiverse once more. But this doesn’t take away from what I have already established, nor does it diminish the light over the road I have chosen.

Tell me then; “What are your thoughts?”

Would this be something that interests you, aspiring or established writer?

I look forward to hearing from you!


P.S. If you aren’t interested, but think you might know someone who would be, feel free to share this post with them! Thanks again!