From the Success of Thomas Hardy; Horror Films and Best Picture in the Oscars?

Horror Films and Best Picture in the Oscars


I think; The reason for this is that here we have an original story, based on the novel concept by Thomas Harris. Most movies today are original projects that do not have an established fan base. Furthermore, they entertain the whims of the producers/writers, in that rather than focusing on the psychological aspect of the story, they’d rather shove nudity and gore down our throats.

While there is a time and place in a horror story for either of these aspects, they should not be the focus of the story. For example, I enjoy the Friday the 13th series immensely. If you’ve watched any single one of these movies, you know that the show is going to be 35% (sex/nudity), 55% (gore/dismemberment), and 10% dialog that’s so poorly written, it’s comical.

There’ll never be a Jason Voorhees movie to hold an Oscar, for any category. I’m sorry folks, that’s just how it is.

In order for there to be another horror movie in this category, I believe it’s going to need to replicate the success of Thomas Hardy’s hard work. It’s going to take the hard work of a “Book” author to reach this level as well!

Correct me if I’m wrong here, but from my experience, Novelists stand a better chance at creating something magnificent, than, say, a screenwriter in this genre.
Notice the last part of that sentence there? I don’t want to discriminate screenwriters in general, I just believe that in order for a horror story to succeed, it’s going to again take the efforts of the novelist.

A novelist is going to have more time to work on the story. Whether he or she is an indie, or is working directly with a publisher, there is going to be much more time to create something that is powerful, something that can be easily refined. With a screenwriter, the script needs to be pumped out as fast as possible. It doesn’t take as many pages to create a believable movie, but only because it’s a collaborative effort between the screenwriters, the producers, the directors, etc. All come together to create a believable vision, and if one fails, they all fail. What one envisions, the other may not.

Take the movie adaptation of ‘The Shining’ for example. While we love, love, LOVE, this movie, any true horror fan knows that it’s a bastardization of the original story.

Does this mean it’s not a success? Mhm, I would think that at the time…no. But now, it’s a cult classic.

“Here’s Jooohny!”

However, and before I wander too far from my thoughts, I want to hit home on what I’m trying to validate here. There are hundreds of horror movies made each year. They are pushed through the meat grinder with reckless abandon, and while some are much better than others, they fall way too short of where they need to be.

Hollywood is looking in the wrong direction for a new story. You know, as well as I do, that it has grown lazy in its efforts to please the masses. I mean, let’s face it.  It’s as simple as them finding the highest ratings and surfing off of the success of its origin.

I’m talking remakes here.

Remakes, reboots, whatever you want to call them, we need to get the fuck away from it. Moderation, people!  Seriously!

I love the superhero thing that’s going on, simply because it’s something we haven’t seen on film. Over-saturation can become a problem, if it hasn’t already, but at least it’s something new!  But, and here’s what I’m shooting for, at least it’s pulling from canon Marvel/DC Universe history and creating something for us to enjoy!

The Walking Dead?  Also pulled from canon writing!

Okay, okay.  So I’m talking comic books, but damn it, they’re books that have already been established!

I would rather watch a movie created by a Fan (or creator) of an established body of work, than to expect greatness from a group of fellas shooting a movie with corn syrup and red dye, while chasing the ‘actors’ with a cell phone.  Talk about a genre that needs to go away!

Yeah, screw you Daniel Myrick.  Thanks for nothing, while we’re at it!

If we want a horror movie in the Oscars once again, or at least a movie that crosses the genre divide (such as the movie of this article), we need Hollywood to keep pushing outward.  They need to look to the novelist of the day, week, month, or hell, even the year! Reach out and connect to us, Hollyweird!  Let us remind you how to work towards creating a fan base, rather than a quick buck.

I’m willing to bet that more than a few of us could even put gold in your future?


Now there’s a thought.


My Friend, My Love, My Creation

Most times, new characters are born rather beautifully. They come with rich back-stories and have a deep family history. They speak to me for hours about who they are, where they live, what they do for a living, etc. Other times, they burst forth kicking and screaming.

They’re wearing straight-jackets and slamming themselves madly against my psyche. They’re roughly cut from raw emotion, they know very little about who they are, where they came from, or who their families are. The only thing they know is their desire to have the same chance at life as the aforementioned.

While I do so enjoy the company of my more ‘fleshed’ out characters, mainly because they are familiar to me, like family or good friends, I find myself oddly drawn to these new beings. They want the same things that we all have, that which has come so easily to their cousins; a life of their own.  They are like children, in a way.  They don’t know what’s behind them, nor do they have a clue what’s ahead of them.  They must learn, through my guidance, of course, what they like or do not like.

Sometimes I can control the process. Sometimes, I can even help form them into something appropriate enough to tell a story about. This isn’t always the case, however, and any writer can tell you that it isn’t always going to be a good thing.

You’re not always going to have a ‘good’ character.  Every so often, as I am helping this character come to life, we discover that he or she isn’t so savory a person.  Maybe said character is a villain?  Or maybe, something much, much, worse. I don’t always like telling the story of these characters, but again, as a writer I don’t always have a choice.  They desire a chance at life.  They demand that their story be heard.  And as a storyteller, I am compelled to share.

Perhaps what awaits in the end is poetic?  Or, perhaps not.  It isn’t for me to decide. You see, much like the character types I have described, so too do the stories exist as well. Some lay in wait, ready to pounce my thoughts without a moment’s notice.  Other times, they are a rough gem that needs worked into something you may or may not appreciate.

Just as is the case of the character, some stories may be beautiful designs that inspire you to continue turning the page.  Others might be an atrocious train-wreck that forces you to turn the pages until you reach the end. This isn’t to say that they aren’t very good.

It’s a tricky subject; horror.

What one person may consider good, might be another’s kryptonite.  I may have written the most descriptive decapitation in such a way that you have never seen before, but what may make one jump out of his/her seat in excitement, might have another turning their head in disgust.

Such is life.

By now, I hope that my readers have come to expect a certain style to my writing.  You’ve survived the first two tales of John Rizzerio and are eagerly waiting the finale, or you have been keeping up with my webseries and are looking for the next post to appear.  You know that I don’t always pull the punches.

Some of my characters may seem like somebody you could run into on the street. Others, a friendly neighbor or work acquaintance.  Then there are those, like the protagonists of ‘She Has A Pretty Face Though’, and ‘The Box’, who each have their own issues to resolve. In the end, was their story worth it?  Was it poetic, or did you enjoy following their journey?

Of course, you’ll have your own opinions that I would LOVE to hear!  But, in the end, I will still continue to tell the stories as they demand to be told, in their own entireties.  While I depend upon you, my faithful readers, to help guide me down the path of your interests, I hope that you continue to stick with me as I share with you my creations.  They are a labor of love, a part of myself in much the same way that my children are, and it gives me great pleasure to be able to introduce you to them.

They are family, after all.