The Morelli Bros. (Chapter II, Part I)

Not too far from where the embattled plumbers were making their stand, entrenched behind the many crates needed to supply his army, was the first of many forts established by the mighty King Koopa.  It was small, no more than four walls and a crenulated roof, but for what it was being used, it was completely functional.

Many strange creatures surrounded the structure, nothing like anything either of the plumbers, or the denizens of this world, had ever seen.   They poured from the mouth of a green pipe, one that was very similar to that which the brothers had earlier passed through, except that this had two openings.

The first, which was parallel to the ground, belched out a continuous stream of small reptilian creatures.  Only slightly larger than the Goombas which they were sharing ground with, they walked slowly on four cleft hooves.  Their skins bore earthy tones varying in degree from muddy brown, to algae green, and they were covered in fine scales.  Upon their backs, they wore a bone like shell for protection. As is a turtle’s, the shell’s exterior appeared to be divided into several small plates. The shape of the plates, much like the creature’s color, also varied in size and in shape.  Some were rounded squares, while with others, the number of edges were anywhere between five and eight.

Their skin slowly oozed a pale green liquid, some more than others, suggesting it to be their body’s mechanism for keeping cool.  From their almond-shaped eyes ran a thick colorless mucus which gave off a strong, foul odor.  Flies surrounded the heads of some, happily drinking from the stinky nectar.

As they stepped onto soft ground for the first time, most fell immediately to all fours, advancing menacingly upon the foreign land as if they intended to trample it out of existence.  Others rose upon their hind legs, pausing only to gather a helmet and weapon from a nearby crate.  Unlike those that walked on all fours, these more advanced soldiers of the Koopa army wore less bulky shells on their back. Their legs were also more muscular, and at the end of their arms were three short fingers.

The second exit from the pipe spat smaller creatures into the air. Some were miniature versions of the soldier Koopas, only they had no shell on their back at all. These creatures burst into the air riding on what first appeared to be small, white clouds, over which they glared with thickly bespeckled eyes.  Closer inspection, from any who dared, proved this a fatal misconception.

They rode on a rare breed of six winged Snow Moth, creatures that were bred to extinction in the wild, now existing only in mindless servitude to their masters. Once known as the Faerie Moth, these creatures derived their new name from the thick white powder they emitted while in flight.  Not only does this protect their delicate bodies from the wear of their rider, but it also camouflaged them within the guise of a cloud.

Standing just inside the door to the fort, their leader watched his coming army through furrowed brow.  Unlike his soldier cousins, he towered over those around him.  Where the Koopa army resembled a more advanced form of turtle, he was the bastard child of dinosaur.  He stood on thick, heavily muscled legs that complimented the rest of his similarly built frame.  Unlike the soldiers, a long tail protruded from beneath his shell, which also differed in that sharp spikes jutted from it in all directions.  His scales are the color of coal, a darkness interrupted only by a white war stripe painted from the crown of his head, to just beneath his waist.

“My Lord Morton, sir?  We have prepared the girl as you have ordered, sir.”

He slowly turned and regarded this world’s poor excuse for intelligent life with a deep sense of disdain.  The creature stood barely over two and a half feet in height and wore very little on its body to cover its flabby shame.  Brown leather wraps covered its feet, which, he had to admit, had its practical use.  Unlike his soldiers, this creature could move with great speed when it wanted to!  Covering its genitals was a white cloth that for the life of him, he knew not how it stayed clean.  A light blue vest hung loosely around its middle, and on its head was a red and white spotted mushroom cap.

“Very well, Toad,” he breathed in exasperation.  “Be sure she’s ready for our King when he arrives.”

“Yes My Lord.  As you wish, my Lord.”

As Toad vanished once more into the fort’s interior, he turned to watch as his army continued to grow.


The Morelli Bros. (Chapter I, Part VIII)


Like many a nameless Bond villain, the creatures announced their presence as one.  A quick count put their numbers at a dozen, a formidable number had they been people, but these beings didn’t seem to be all that intelligent.  While their eyes glared at him with malevolence, they continued to slowly march forward despite what he had done to their brethren.

He noticed, as well, that they didn’t come as a single group, but rather, in small groups of two or three at most.

“Luigi,” he commanded with authority.  “Flip!”

His brother, who was still recovering from their sudden trip to Neverland, rose into a crouch and laced his hands, palms up, before him.  With a final nod to show that he was ready, Mario launched himself into action.  His legs pumped beneath him as he charged toward his brother.  It was a move he had practiced many times with his sibling, one he was normally more comfortable with when using a vertical barrier, and was something he had thought of for just such an occasion.

His brother, who was every bit as strong as he, gave his hands to him as an impromptu spring.  Mario’s right foot found the pocket they had created, and in the next second, his left foot landed on Luigi’s right shoulder.  The younger of the two then redirected his momentum and launched him with all his might.  The effect couldn’t have been more perfect, for the older Morelli now flew up and away from him, spinning in mid-air to face the attacking creatures.

As Mario came down upon the leading trio, Luigi sprung to his feet and ran towards a duo that were now branching off in his direction.  Unlike the other, who leapt with the grace of practice, Luigi jumped into the air with his legs still pumping as wildly as if they had never left the ground.

“Wa-HOO,” Mario yelled to the side of him, where he was using the natural sponginess of the creatures to bounce from one to the next.  Luigi laughed, but his merriment was cut short when he made his first contact with one of the Goomba creatures. He watched in horror as the fungal creature burst beneath him, its intestines jettisoning from a large split in the creature’s side.  Unlike any digestive system he’d ever heard about, this creature’s was every bit the nature of its body. They were dark green, covered in slime, and emitted a smell worse than any sewer he had ever worked around.

He had nearly slipped from the top of the creature’s chitinous dome when it reached its lowest point, and his recovery was even worse.  While Mario continued to bounce from one creature to the next, he had to do everything in his power to just maintain his sense of momentum.  Unlike his brother, after the second of the two splooshed beneath him, he found himself over-compensating the anticipated launch, and instead of leaping gracefully into the air, he flew straight out and face planted, hard, into the dirt.

Luigi felt the air rush out of him as he hit the ground.  Stunned, he looked into the eyes of another of the foul creatures.

The Morelli Bros. (Chapter I, Part VII)


There it was again.  That awful, low growling from behind him.  It shook him to the core, making him tremble from fear, and he was frozen where he stood.  Not one of his well-trained muscles would respond to his commands, he couldn’t even lift so much as a finger.  He could only think imagine the horror creeping upon him.

He could feel it looming over him, omnipresent and powerful.  His mind refused to accept anymore information, the strangeness of it all was suddenly too much.

“Luigi,” he screamed.  At that moment, he knew that he couldn’t do this alone.  Whatever this was, he needed something familiar.  More than any other time in his life, he needed his lanky, clumsy, little brother at his side.


It was the same guttural whisper.  It sounded like it was only a few feet behind him, maybe closer, but he remained powerless to face it.  He could hear the grass rustling as it approached.  Dry leaves crunched beneath its feet, but even worse was the smell.  The air had shifted.  A warm breeze carried it around him, permeating his clothes and senses.

It smelled of rotten vegetation, and something much more sinister.  It was something akin to meat that had turned sour as it readied itself for the inevitable maggots which would soon inhabit it.

“Mario!  Jump, man!”

It was Luigi who broke him from the spell.  Just like that, the fear was gone, and his instincts took over.  It was as when they were children, practicing Parkour and showing up all the other children in their neighborhood.  His right hand became a fist.  He bent slightly at the knees, and with a powerful thrust upward, he leapt.

“Ah-haa,” he exclaimed involuntarily.  It was a sound that came unbidden, much like the kiai used by martial artists, and it strengthened his maneuver. The ground fell away from him as he was propelled one, two, four feet into a standing jump.  He watched it fall away with a sense of wonder, surprised at the power behind it, and for a split second he felt free, however short-lived the feeling would be.

At that moment, the source of his trepidation made its ambling appearance.

He barely had any time to think about it, for as soon as it was in his sight, so had he begun his rapid descent to earth.  His feet touched down on its chitinous, slimy, debris covered head.  He felt, rather than heard, something snap beneath him, as the autumn colored creature was compressed by his weight.

There was a gush of black inchor that spread in all directions, and two white orbs blew out from beneath the cap in front of him.  He retched when he realized it was the creature’s eyes.  One had turned slightly upwards, glaring at him accusingly from the dark splatter it now rested in.

Then, as the thick head of the creature reached the ground, it pushed up like a spring, launching him a couple of feet up and away from the creature’s body.  As before, his training took over when he hit the ground, allowing him to land in a crouch that absorbed the shock from his fall.

“M- M- Mario!  Behind-a you!”

He still hadn’t found his brother in the overgrowth, but he trusted in him enough that finding him would come second to his concerns.  He spun around to face the direction from which the creature had come, only to see a dozen more like it approaching.  They were shaped, oddly enough, like mushrooms.  Much like the hard shell of the first one, their heads were covered in various degrees of slime and rotten vegetation, and they glared at him with impossibly large eyes.