From Farm To Field (A Review)

I recently finished reading ‘From Farm to Field‘, a Vietnam veteran’s collection of experiences from veterans of WWII, The Battle of the Bulge.

This book is a must have for not only the history buff, but for casual readers as well. Each chapter is a personal recounting of experiences from the people who lived through it themselves, or the survivors who remember what their loved ones had gone through.

I’ve never been the person to sit down and read/watch a story/movie based on true events. Yet, even though my person preference is in fiction, Tad Pritchett was able to write this novel in such a way as to capture even my attention!

I won’t lie to you. It was very hard at times. I could just imagine these people telling the story to me, even as I imagined I was right there in each of their memories.

We can fantasize about what war is like. We watch what a director envisions it to be on the big screen, we may even follow a protagonist of a story through an author’s idea of what it is like. But nobody knows what it was like more than those brave people who have to learn to survive it, even after they’ve returned home.

From Farm to Field gets five stars, in my book, and I can safely say that I will be reading it many more times over the coming years.

On a personal note;

I met Mr. Pritchett at a Local Author Fair last year. Here was a man who was very down to earth, kind and even so generous as to purchase a copy of my book when he noticed people passing my table by.

It was a week later before I was able to get a copy of his book, but when I did, he brought it directly to my house. While this information doesn’t really apply to the review of his work, I thought I would give you an idea of the kind of person he impressed upon me to be..

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