Trolls-R-Us, a guide to blog Trolls – Moose, Mr Whisk and The Axe Murderer

Again, thanks for commenting on my own post regarding trolls, as well as taking the time to share this one with me.

When I wrote my own version, it was because one of my followers had recently dealt with a troll on Amazon and it reading his resulting post had fired me up. Thankfully, *knock on wood*, haven’t had to deal with anything like that as of yet. Sure, I’ve had past experiences with these little beasties, but it was in a different setting altogether. (Forums, live chats, etc.)

I enjoyed reading this post of yours because you not only detail the troll’s behaviors, but what you did about them as well. Very informative material and excellent advice, which I will enjoy sharing!

Don Charisma

Personally, I don’t follow the news too much, I started my information diet some years ago, and I’m emotionally much fitter as a consequence. I catch the occasional story when I check my email on Yahoo, and keep abreast of issues which are relevant and necessary, but largely I don’t miss it or need it.

UK – I was incredibly saddened by the death of Hannah Smith, suicide, it’s said the cause was Trolls on the website I don’t know the entire story, nor will any of us probably ever know the truth of exactly what Hannah was thinking. From what I understand she was young girl struggling to come to terms with personal issues and looking for friends and people to support her, normal stuff in any kind of caring community. Normal supportive behaviour of people who have any kind of moral compass, good heartedness or integrity. But…

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