10 Things Every Writer Needs

These are excellent points/ideas for both the experienced and aspiring writer. #1 is very important to remember because, hey, you don’t have to worry about the battery life! Also, #8, especially for we indies. Take away what you will, use it and continue to grow. 🙂

Guild Of Dreams

Everybody needs a toolbox, and while the sort of writer you are will determine exactly what you need in yours this list can hopefully give you some ideas that can help you be a successful author.  

(Warning: Presented in no particular order)


1) Paper: Feel free to say “duh”, but in this digital age of cloud drives, data discs, word processors, tablets capable of opening your garage door from orbit and Google Glass, it’s easy for writers to sometimes forget the lure and power of a good old fashioned pad of paper. Whether it’s for jotting down notes, drawing out covers or character concepts (even if you do it poorly, like I do) or actually writing out pages of prose, every writer can benefit from having some white stuff and one of those pointy ink thingies.

2) Discipline: I know I blog and harp on this one a lot, but it’s true: without…

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