A New Toy

Yesterday I did something that I haven’t been able to do for a long time; I treated myself with a technological upgrade.  Compared to what I spent on my baby (primary laptop) seven years ago, this was only a drop in the bucket, but the features that I have available to me are something I never thought I’d be using for writing.

My new toy is a Toshiba notebook, C50-B series; a touchscreen with windows 8.1, 500 gigs and a few other bells and whistles.  The full specs are not really all that important for this post, because this is more about the one feature I’m using as I write this; projection.

This is something that’s new for me, exciting, and I have to be honest here; I can really get used to this!  While there is a second (or less) of delay between my computer and its image on the screen, I can’t help but enjoy fact that I’ve essentially upgraded to a fifty inch monitor!

I don’t know if my wife is very happy with the fact that I have this new toy to work with, but only because I think she would like to have one for herself!  (Sorry babe, we’ll get you one soon!)  But, I did need a little something more reliable for writing.

It’s not that my primary wasn’t good enough, because she is more than capable of handling my writing needs, but due to an unfortunate incident with my kiddos, I now have to spend quite a bit of money (which we didn’t have) on repairs.  Simpler to upgrade than to repair.  At least, it was for now.

Feel free to comment about your experiences below.

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