My Twitter Purge

Twitter is an interesting creature. There are some who have the gift to tame it, while I, on the other hand, do well enough to keep it alive. 140 characters are very useful when I need to emote my feelings, advertise a post or book, or drop a few creative lines/ideas now and again. What it’s definitely NOT good for is any complex form of communication.

I’ve been lucky enough to be followed by, as well as interact with, two minor celebrities. Both were feel good moments, but most of the time I feel like the odd man out in a happening place.

I tend to follow back most people, excluding those without profile pics or subject material I don’t agree with, which is not very often when you consider that it takes an awful lot to offend me! I make use of the ‘List’ function, so whenever I’m on I only have to see posts for what’s relevant to me for the moment.

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