Trespasser (Part XVI)

Later that morning, after her daddy had long since returned to work, Vanessa awakened from her deep slumber.  She furrowed her brow as she troubled herself over the conversation from the night before, trying to make sense of her father’s cryptic words.

“I just worry…”

She didn’t understand why there was the need to worry.  She was too young, yet, to understand the intricacies of finance, and the burdens that come with it.  Nor was she yet aware of the evils that existed in the world.  Sometimes, late at night when she was having trouble sleeping, she heard her parents talking about the things that grownups do from time to time, but there was never anything said that caused her any alarm.

Fortunately for her, her age also prevented her from holding onto any one thought for longer than a few minutes.  As sleep slowly fled from her muscles, so too did the memory from the night before, until it had become nothing more than a nagging sense that she should do something nice for him later.  Perhaps she would draw him a picture?  Or, maybe she could help with something around the house?

She shrugged, her attention once again diverted, this time to the middle of her body where an incessant grumbling was taking place.  Quickly, she dressed, and in a manner of seconds she was wearing a simple sun dress and her pajamas were forgotten at the foot of her bed.

She fled her bedroom, as children often do in the morning, chasing the idea that there would be breakfast waiting for her on the kitchen table.  In the very least, she could climb upon the counter and help herself to a bowl and some cereal.

She didn’t notice anything out of place in her room, but then again, she wouldn’t, unless she was looking for it.  Nor had she heard the sounds just outside her window as she was changing.

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