A Week of Meh

I share the same thoughts about FB. I feel like I make a lot more effort with eff-bookers then they do with me. With WP, I’ve received some very helpful feedback from time to time and interact with some very cool people on a regular basis.

Legends of Windemere

It’s like one week wants to outdo the previous one for levels of suck.  The weather was terrible, which caused everything else to fall apart.  Keep in mind that I work in the house and have no personal space, so a full house means I get nothing done.  There were other incidents too that I can’t get into here.

I do want to unleash a grievance and I’m using that word without looking it up.  On second thought, I’m going to look it up.  Okay, I think it will work:

To me, the LIKE button has a different meaning on different sites.  On WordPress, I see it as an acknowledgement of a post when someone doesn’t know what to say.  A sign that someone saw you within the ether of the Blogging Sea.  I do this especially with poetry lately because I’ve been mentally numb and I feel stupid for…

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