Book Signing on October 26th!


Book Signing on October 26th!

The Rise and Fall of John Rizzerio
by; R. Richardsson, a local Topeka Author

The Boobie Trap
1417 SW 6th, Topeka, Kansas 66606
8pm -9pm free
Cover after 9pm: Adults $5 / Minors $7

There have been many faces of horror over the years; from authors such as Bram Stoker, to directors like George A. Romero. Each have rightfully earned their places in the land of Nightmares, but there are still those who seek to bleed their way in.

R. Richardsson, a hardcore fan of the genre, seeks to break in with his novella; The Rise and Fall of John Rizzerio; a story which follows a vampire hunter who loses everything, subsequently falling from grace. Its sequel, The Hunter Reborn, follows the frantic race of old friends and new as they scramble to rescue J.R. physically, as well as spiritually, while their enemies continue to grow ever stronger.

R. Richardsson has also written such works as; The Promise, an homage to The Twilight Zone, and ongoing webseries such as; She Has A Pretty Face Though and The Box, which can be found at his website.

Writing has been a suppressed passion, which like the Hunter, has only recently been reborn. He fills any of his free time working on upcoming novels, short stories and posts for his current webseries.

Once you’ve received your copy, stick around for some great music and entertainment!

(This post is for my online friends who have yet to hear the news, or have not seen the flyer.)