Book Signing on December 8th!


WHO:  R. Richardsson

WHAT:  The Rise and Fall of John Rizzerio

WHEN:  3:00pm – 5:00pm

WHERE:  Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library

WHY:  I have been invited to participate in an event for local authors.

I first heard of this ‘Local Author Fair’ just a little under three weeks ago.  Frankly, I didn’t have very high hopes of being able to attend.  At the time it was brought to my attention, the library was already boasting over sixty authors in attendance!

But you never know if you don’t try, right?

It’s been my mantra for years and I definitely recommend giving it a try, because the truth is, you simply don’t.  You can’t know, and if you want something bad enough, you have to put yourself out there.

I’m about the most introverted person I know.  Digging up the courage to step forward with something I believe in isn’t always easy and rejection has been my biggest enemy for as long as I can remember.

While I am afraid to face this enemy, each time that I do I am able to stand taller on the other side of the encounter.  The thing about rejection, that I’ve learned, is that it is just a word.  “No.”  It can be a hurtful word, but no matter how it’s said, it doesn’t have the strength to take your chosen craft away from you.

I’ve had stories turned down by magazines.  I’ve also been given a negative (verbal) review of my work.  I’ve had time to look at things in retrospect and I’ve learned no matter what a few people might say, the majority still enjoy what I’m creating.

With this, I stood forward and contacted the hostess of the event. I had little hope that I would be able to attend the Local Author Fair, but I had to try.  When I received my first response, it seemed that my fears were going to be true.  She politely informed me that there were no more open spaces, but, if I left my information, I would be contacted with-in a couple weeks if an opening were to arise.

In my excitement I announced this on my social media, and why not?  Here was an event specially tailored for someone like myself.  Not only would I be surrounded my dozens of like-minded individuals, but there is also the potential for many more readers as well!

Those two weeks came and went, however, and I have remained quiet, patiently waiting for the word I was beginning to fear wouldn’t arrive.

“It was just too good to be true,” I thought.

But I couldn’t have been more wrong!  Late last night, the hostess contacted me and informed me of an opening, should I still want it.

…do I ever!

And with that being said; I’d like to invite any and all readers in the area to participate.  If you are coming from afar, I hope you’ll stop by my table and get to know a little more about my story.  I look forward to seeing you there!

R. Richardsson

“Never give up, and above all else, try!  You might be surprised what happens when you do.”

A Valuable Lesson

Sometimes you have to learn the hard way.  Sure, I know the story.  You just wrote your first book(s) and you think you are ready to get it published.  Of course you do!  You just spend hundreds (thousands?) of hours pouring your heart and soul into your work.  Nothing could possibly be wrong with it, right?

Of course not, because you are perfect in every way and in everything that you do.  You never make any mistakes and whenever you put your mind to doing something, you do it right every…



I’m sorry, that was just positively rude of me, now wasn’t it…?

Seriously though, you should really go back over your work.  Do it a little at a time, or all at once, but above all else, just do it okay?

Listen.  I know the feeling.  You’ve just created this fantastic world and it’s chocked full of originality you are literally itching to share.  But here’s the thing.  It’s not done yet.  Go on, take a look.  I promise you that you’ll find my words to ring true!

No matter how careful you are, you are going to make mistakes.  Hell, maybe you’ve made a few!  If you are anything like me, you write to keep up with the flow of the story.  In that case, you’re going to find that you made a lot more mistakes than you thought (possible).

You see, the funny thing about writing; once you get in the groove, you are only going to see the words that your imagination is supplying you.  You may think you wrote them correctly, but in truth, you are only seeing what you want to.  Go on…see for yourself.

Really.  How many times must I poke and prod at you?

Read it over with a critical eye.  You’ll be surprised at what you find.  Then, when you are done?  Do it again.

Okay, so maybe it sounds like I have a little experience with this.  The truth is; I’m no more experienced than any other kickstart writer!  Sure, I do have a novella and its novel sequel published, but that doesn’t mean I’ve suddenly become a master of the literary arts!

On the contrary, I’m still learning something new every day.

My most recent flub came with an update of my novel; The Hunter Reborn.  I had made some changes to the manuscript and added in some new content.  What I hadn’t done was go back over the work I had completed.  If I had, I would have found that I had done all of this to an older version.  And you know what happened next?  I somehow saved it over the newest version, which was the edited and completed edition that I had used for publish.


I know, right?

But, here’s the thing.  It could have easily been avoided, IF, I had gone back over my work beforehand!

A critical eye, I tell you.  Dig that sumbitch out of that dusty ole corner of your mind, fasten it right in the center of your forehead and really analyze your work.

Okay, so maybe you DID get all errors taken care of.  Maybe you DON’T have any grammatical mishaps floating around and maybe, just MAYBE you have perfectly punctuated your every sentence.  Great!  That’s awesome!

But I bet you think of a different way to describe something along the way, thus improving or adding to the richness of your work!

One of the hardest things to do with your work is not finishing it, but rather, being able to know when you are done.  That, is the real trick.

And to tell you the truth, I don’t think a writer’s work is ever done.  Sometimes you just have to know when to walk away as well.

Either way, it’s never after you are finished writing.  Trust me, your work has only just begun.