Book Signing

Last year, about this time, I had already attended two signings and was gearing up for number three; an event geared towards publicizing upcoming writers and local authors.

As most of you, or at least those of you who follow my occasional ramblings, know, I was met with some success at said event.  While my books didn’t fly off the shelves, (due to the blizzard raging outside), I made several great contacts and had the chance to meet some awesome readers!

This year has been somewhat frustrating for me, what with the delays, setbacks, and other such business, so this couldn’t come at a better time.  I need this.  I am ready for this.  I only wish I could say that I’m walking in with my completed trilogy.

Oh, don’t get me wrong!  I have two books waiting to be released.  J.R. van Helsing was met with great interest in September by a publisher whom I have spoken at lengths about a possible partnership.  (I’m currently waiting on a response once they have fully reviewed my work.)   The Darkness Defines Us is also finished, however, I am waiting on the cover art to be completed.

There have been some hassles with the latter, but I believe I have found an answer to my problems.  With this title, I wanted to do a local promotion; ‘Local Author & Local Artist Combine Talents For Book’, or some such thing.  This wasn’t an idea I was first willing to run with, but after meeting with artist who volunteered her skills, it soon grew on me.

Unfortunately, I think she didn’t know what she was in for and had to bow out of the project a month later.  It’s only too bad that I had to find out a month later!

I found another who wanted to try his hand at the project, and I offered it as a passing when he showed some interest in getting back into the art world, but he, too, had much more on his plate than he could handle.

Finally, I ‘think’ I have found someone with the time (and gumption) to get the job done.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but if this works out it will be very cool for both sides of the party.  His work will represent my book, and I can help spread the work of a musician/artist at the same time!

That being said, I wanted to share with you my upcoming book signing.  I realize that most of my readers won’t be able to attend, however, in my excitement I couldn’t help but to share!

I will be at the Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library (1515 SW 10th Ave, Topeka Kansas, 66604), at their ‘Great Writers, Right Here’ Event on December 6th from 1-5pm CST.  

From Hiatus to the Trenches

Having been away from writing for far too long, I am finally finding myself returning to a place where I am most comfortable; buried up to my neck in a quagmire full of words and bad intentions.

The last three weeks have been a whirlwind of emotions in our home which began with my wife undergoing a rather painful surgical procedure that she is still soldiering through.  My free time, what little of it I have, was redirected towards organizing the troops and getting things done around the house while she recovered.

Barely a week out from under the knife, we lost a beloved member of the family, on her side.  Sadly, we knew that that it was only a matter of time, but in reality there is no preparing for the inevitability of death.  It’s never how you think it will be.  When it happens, you don’t just skip to the burial.  There are an endless parade of arrangements that have to be made before you get to this point, not just for the recently deceased, but in getting the extended family together for the final farewell.

Every breath you take is a struggle against the sadness and despair of realizing that you will have to learn to cope, to live, without the one you lost and it feels as if every second will last an eternity.

Finally, the last calls have been made.  Events have been set into motion and just when you think that you are going to be able to live your trembling chin up once more, you realize that it’s upon you to begin removing the final details of your loved one’s life.  Clothes, pictures, knick-knacks and every little thing that helped define this person must now be sorted, divided, donated and/or thrown away.

Fortunately, this is the point of transition.  This is when you pass the point of “he/she was just talking to me “x” amount of time ago” to “he/she is really gone…”  The pain returns, spreading over your entire being like frozen napalm and once again you lose yourself in the sea of melancholy that has settled around you.

As a horror writer, I was able to look at the whole process a little more objectively than everyone else.  Yes, I was affected by the loss of this person whom I had come to know over the last thirteen years.  I will greatly miss the ribbing and brutal honesty she imparted upon everyone around her.  It was part of her charm, and she will be missed.

But as often as I find myself writing about death, I don’t often think of what happens between the point of being alive and being buried.

With my trilogy, there were a couple of difficult losses to deal with.  But, for the sake of time (not my own, but because the characters were working against it), it has yet to be dealt with.

I have been home for a few days now and my thoughts are abuzz with ideas.  Unfortunately, these ideas involve my recent experiences and incorporating them into my characters during a few moments of their downtime.  I say unfortunate because this means I will have to rewrite some passages in order to give them these traits.

It feels necessary, considering the hell they’ve been through together.

So here I float, in a stinking quagmire of dark emotions and words that need to be sorted, shuffled like a deck of cards and inserted into the final installment of J.R.’s Ballad.  I know not how long this will take.  Compounded with the editing and rewrites I have yet to finish, it certainly looks like a daunting task!

But I am hard at work my friends.  I am home, in spirit and in body and have returned to John’s tale for this final battle of words.

Posts toward my webseries may come a little less frequently, I admit it HAS been awhile since concluding the intro to my latest, but they shall not be forgotten.  I have two posts uploaded that will need some final edits, and I expect to publish them with-in the next few days.

R. Richardsson


The Plot Thickens, or, An Undertaker Distracted

Things have been unusually quiet Beneath The Headstone.  Plots once bustling with activity have become overgrown with weeds, the limbs of their newest occupant frozen mid-reach.  The grass has withered and each of the once vibrant leaves is now curled tightly against the cracked earth.

In the distance, through the jungle of concrete crosses and weeping angels is a Gothic stone building.  The windows are stained glass representations of an undertaker in various stages of burial.  In some of the images, the casket can still be seen above the ground, while others only show the tip of the undertaker’s hat.

There is a flickering light behind a window on the south side of the building, for he is hard at work on his latest project.  Even though there are still plots that remain to be filled, he prepares the presentation for one of his prize burials, the story of a certain vampire hunter who had been the first to enter these sacred grounds.

He has not forgotten about his tasks at hand, nor will his duties remain forgotten for very much longer.  Even now, wrapped as tightly in the creation of his newest film trailer, he is thinking ahead to the completion of each of his projects.

  1. J.R. van Helsing, Book 3 in the ‘Ballad of John Rizzerio’
  2. She Has A Pretty Face Though, a webseries about a young man who is slowly losing either a battle with his mind or with a demon
  3. The Box, a webseries about three adventurers searching for a legendary artifact inside of a dragon’s lair.
  4. Trespasser, a short story about what happens when an intruder threatens the safety of a family and their community
  5. Tis the Feeding, a short story about a man who loses everything, discovers happiness in food and what he does when it runs out.
  6. The Darkness Defines Us, a collection of short stories to be released as a novel, and is part of a prize in a contest that has been one year in the making.

Six plots, the graves of some filled higher than others, lay untended and seemingly forgotten.  Time has overtaken each of these gems, but it is only a temporary inconvenience for mourner and undertaker alike, for soon something new will inhabit the plots with-in.

J.R. van Helsing’s Book Trailer


Coming Soon